Is time travel possible | Scientists found a way to reverse the arrow of time

Do you know what ? I broke my mother’s favorite vase!! But before letting my mother know about this I go back in time and saved the life of vase and saved myself from the doom of my mother’s anger .You all must be thinking that I am gone mad and talking shit things because we all know time travelling is not possible or is it really so? Is time travel possible ?Let’s rethink on this .

Recently scientists reversed the arrow of time at subatomic level. The so called time which never stops for anybody, always follow the laws of thermodynamics and flows from present to future. Through their experiment in the wired world of quantum mechanics shocked!! I was also shocked when I first heard about this . Let’s see how scientists reversed the flow of time in details.

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New studies published on Tuesday March 12 by a team of scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics teamed up with colleagues from the U.S. and Switzerland  said that they have manipulated the arrow of time using the power of quantum computers in the subatomic world .

They used a tiny quantum computer(IBM Quantum computer) made of two quantum particles known as qubits that performed calculations.

At microworld where the wired laws of quantum mechanics rule, we have formulated a way to know the state of particle motion. Location of particle and the probability of finding the particle at particular location through mathematical construct known as wave function

The wave function generally spread out with time i.e the position of particle after 5 minutes would be further away from the prior location.

Undoing the spreading of the wave function is like trying to put spilled milk back in the bottle. But that’s exactly what the researchers accomplished in this new experiment.

How did scientists accomplished this impossible happening? By carefully controlled experiment.

As you need a lot of control in doing this experiment the credit for giving scientists highly controlled system goes to Quantum computers . Quantum computer is something that lets us have a huge amount of control over a simulated quantum system.

The researchers used a quantum computer to simulate a single particle, its wave function spreading out over time like a ripple in a pond. Then, they wrote an algorithm in the quantum computer that reversed the time evolution of every single component of the wave function. Essentially pulling that ripple back into the particle that created it. They accomplished this feat without increasing entropy, or disorder , seemingly defying the arrow of time.

The experiment has a success rate of 85% when only two qubits are used. In case of 3 qubits the success rate of experiment i.e the wave is bought to the original state was just 50% because of increased complexity of the system with the increase of more qubits, making it harder for the quantum computer to maintain control over all aspects of the system. Without that control, entropy can’t be held in check, and the time reversal is therefore imperfect.

Now why the reversal of the qubits is so interesting is because these quantum bits are known to only move forward with the passing of time. As such, for them to defy the concept “Arrow of Time” which states that time only moves forward is quite revolutionary.

Does that really means that time travel is possible? Are we truly close of achieving time travel?

However impressive this feat may be, we should not delude ourselves into believing that humankind has figured out time travel. In fact, the truth is far from it.

The second law of thermodynamics says that the order of the universe must decrease over time but not that it can never stay the same in very special cases. And this experiment was small enough, short enough and controlled enough that the universe neither gained nor lost energy.


There is still no denying how important this achievement is in theory. We may not be close to sending people back in time, but we appear to have finally embarked on a journey to achieve this.

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