Sun could emit the most powerful ‘Superflare’ and can disrupt whole electronics across the Earth.

Yes, you heard right Sun could emit most powerful Superflare that if strikes the earth can cause huge disruptions of electronics across the whole globe. This could happen in the coming 100 years, new research suggests.

A full illustrated photo showing how a most powerful Superflare from sun can affect the Earth's technology
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Superflares are huge explosions on the surface of suns or stars that releases a tremendous amount of energy although we can’t fully explain how these high energy events are unleashed.Generally high energy Superflares are produced on the surface of young, quicky rotating and on stars exhibiting high level of magnetic activity but the new research published at Astrophysical journal suggests that older, slow rotating stars like our sun can produce high energy Superflares at rare intervals once every few thousand years.

The event is hard to predict on daily basis but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned about it . The new study led by astrophysics, Yuta Notsu, a visiting researcher at the University of Colorado border said that as these events are rare but there is a possibility that we would experience such an event in next 100 years or so and we have to protect our electronics against radiation emitted in this Superflare.

The effect of Superflare on Earth wouldn’t be enough to cause natural calamity but it would certainly damage our high tech civilization. High energy radiation would inflict severe damage to the electronics and telecommunication system, causing blackouts, damaging satellites, and exposing astronauts to dangerous level of radiation.

Geomagnetic storms are the huge disturbance in magnetic field around any planet and the new research suggest that if Superflare occurs on sun it would cause a huge plasma ejection and if such ejection collide with earth can cause large geomagnetic storms on The earth .

Normal sized Superflare are quite common on the surface of sun but here we are talking about the Superflare which has high energy expenditure , with the blasts being hundreds of thousands of time more powerful than anything we have ever observed on our sun .

Superflares were first detected by Kepler space telescope and it happened kind of accident. Kepler telescope observation sometimes showed anomalous stellar behavior, in which some stars suddenly got really bright for short periods.

To understand more about this, Notsu’s team ran new spectroscopic observation with Kepler data, also utilising data from European space agency’s Gaia spacecraft and the Apache point observatory in New Mexico.

In all, they found large amount of magnetic field stored around large starspots can cause Superflare sand found evidence of 43 sun like stars that had produced Superflares in past and while their statistical analysis offers clearer insights into the characteristics of these energetic outbursts.

Ultimately the researchers say we need even more data to understand how likely a superflare from the Sun might be and how the Sun can emit most powerful Superflare.

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